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We Offer Convenient Scaffolding Rentals in Eastern Ontario


Getting in touch with a reliable scaffolding company can make a lot of difference in the quality of the structure you plan to create. Good quality scaffolding is essential in constructing or repairing buildings, bridges and other facilities. When you need scaffolding equipment for short-term or long-term use, trust us to provide it to you at reasonable prices. Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. offers scaffolding rentals starting at $50 for two weeks. We have a multitude of products available for rent in Eastern Ontario. Connect with us for a free quote.

Our Rental Services

SCAFFOLDING: FRAME, SHORING AND RING LOCK Typically, it is not possible to complete construction jobs without utilizing strong and safe scaffolding equipment. Renting scaffolding allows construction crews on worksites to safely and efficiently complete the work in hard-to-reach locations. At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we are committed to providing innovative, safe and cost-effective scaffolding rental solutions. With a large inventory of scaffold products available for rent, including but not limited to frame, shoring, and ring lock scaffolding, we can cater to all your unique requirements.


It is a temporary structure used to support work crews and materials. As a versatile, economical, and easy-to-use structure, a frame is the most common type of supported scaffold.


This type of scaffolding is ideal for supporting heavy loads. We manufacture heavy-duty steel and aluminum shoring frames and components to create substructures for suspended concrete slabs. Our shoring systems are renowned for high stability and quality.


Our high tensile ring lock system is custom built and engineered to exceed industry standards, providing complete flexibility for a wide range of projects. Even with an emphasis on safety, infrastructure specifications are never compromised.


Suspended scaffolding or a swing stage utilizes hoists to ascend and descend steel cables attached to a support system. It allows easy access to areas at your site that would otherwise be practically impossible to reach. If you are looking to rent a swing stage scaffolding, we are here to deliver unique, custom solutions for your specific requirements. Our comprehensive inventory offers you many different alternatives to suspended platform access solutions.


Our construction hoist lift rentals offer a cost-effective solution for vertically transporting materials, equipment and personnel on your site. You can boost productivity and safety to a significant extent, saving much of your time and money with our well-maintained hoists offered for rent. If you are looking for hoisting and lifting equipment for your construction project, we have the right solutions for all your needs.


Pumps jacks are uniquely designed scaffold equipment with a platform supported by moveable brackets on vertical poles. The brackets can be raised and lowered similarly to an automobile jack. Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. offers a range of pump jack equipment for rent, including aluminum pump jacks, pump jack systems, and all other accessories that you need to secure and lift the platforms on your site.


A garbage chute is a very common rental product available on most construction sites which have over 2 stories tall buildings. Let us help you maintain a clean and safe worksite with our garbage chute rentals which are durable and cost-effective. We carry the equipment you need to make your construction site more productive by saving time and energy on disposal. Our well-designed garbage chute systems can help you streamline your cleanup process.


We offer ladders, stepladders and accessories for rent to provide you with a sense of safety and stability for your workers on site. While modern ladders come with fixed lengths and allow for free-standing use, some versions even allow you to get closer to work, double function as a leaning ladder, and can even include a work platform for added security.


We offer aluminum tubes and beam rentals.

  • Aluminum beams: temporary shoring/support

  • Aluminum tubes: versatile, can be mixed with other types of scaffolding


Construction fencing or temporary fencing contains individual panels that can be arranged around the perimeter of the desired fencing area. It offers a functional and cost-effective solution for construction sites where temporary fencing is required. As a flexible fencing option, it helps to establish temporary area protection for a short period.

Industries We Serve

Our team is pleased to work in five main industrial sectors. We serve many other customers, including those in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and event-related sectors. The company's employees have the certifications and training required to provide you with best-in-class solutions. We work with you to bring your vision to life from the project site until completion.


Our Differentiators

At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we are proud to have helped several clients with our services. Perfect for short-term and long-term usage, our products are based on cutting-edge technology to aid you in completing your project without any stress. All you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. You will get the products delivered to your site by one of our drivers.

Easy Rentals

We can help you rent a wide range of products for proper scaffolding.

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