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New and Used Scaffolding Product Sales in Eastern Ontario


Construction sites in Eastern Ontario require quality scaffolding for proper support and elevation. Good scaffolding is also necessary to help workers carry material and work effectively. At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we offer new and used scaffolding product sales. We understand that the scope of construction and maintenance is enormous and that the quality of materials used in the scaffolding products holds extreme importance. The products that we sell in our online shop are of excellent quality and meet industry standards.


We also offer a free delivery service for certain sectors when you buy a product from us! Please feel free to contact us to know more about our products and services. We’d be happy to assist you!


Products That We Offer


If renting is not an ideal option for you, we also sell new and used scaffolding. You can select from our large inventory of scaffolding equipment. We understand that every construction project has unique requirements. That is why we offer a range of scaffolding solutions from frame and shoring to ring lock. Over the years, we have acquired hands-on experience and knowledge, which allows us to offer high standards of problem solving and competence in the scaffolding industry. Whether you require products for new construction, building refurbishments or any other project, our experienced team thoroughly assesses your situation to provide the most practical solution.


It is a temporary structure used to support work crews and materials. As a versatile, economical, and easy-to-use structure, a frame is the most common type of supported scaffold.


This type of scaffolding is ideal for supporting heavy loads. We manufacture heavy-duty steel and aluminum shoring frames and components to create substructures for suspended concrete slabs. Our shoring systems are renowned for high stability and quality.


Our high tensile ring lock system is custom built and engineered to exceed industry standards, providing complete flexibility for a wide range of projects. Even with an emphasis on safety, infrastructure specifications are never compromised.


Ensure safe access to your next project with our reliable suspended scaffolding solutions. Our high-quality swing stages are available in a variety of lengths to fit multiple configurations. With a variety of interchangeable elements and accessories, our swing stages have the versatility to be customized for different project demands, from oversized facades to great heights.


When it comes to vetting our manufacturing partners, we are extremely thorough with our process. Our dedication to high standards has earned us a reputation as the proud sales dealers of only premium quality construction hoists sourced through top manufacturing of high-end vertical access equipment. With unmatched expertise, our professional technicians work closely with you to design a unique plan for your project. We offer a wide range of options for your hoisting and lifting needs to choose from as we know that proper hoists for the application are a necessity for your project.


From installing siding on the house to washing windows, pump jacks are used in numerous applications. The jack works by raising and lowering a platform attached to a scaffolding system. It enables you to work at a specified and consistent distance from the building, which is not possible with a ladder. After setting up the equipment, you can have constant and easy access to more than 500 square feet of the building. We offer pump jack equipment that offers the benefits of versatility and time saving for your projects. With a large inventory of dependable and easy to operate equipment, we have everything you need to create a new pump jack scaffolding system or add to your existing system.


We have an easy and safe solution to clean up all the trash and debris from your construction site. You can rely on our garbage chutes available in a variety of materials to easily dispose of construction debris and get work done faster. With the help of our product, you can send trash directly into a dumpster without causing any injuries as it saves the need to carry heavy trash down from high floors.


Extension ladders are our main product. These ladders contain two sections that operate with brackets or guides, which makes the ladder adjustable to lengths. Since extension ladders are not self-supporting, they require a stable structure to withstand the load. They allow you to store the tool more efficiently. The ladders and stepladders that we offer are safe, sturdy, and easy to put away when not in use.


We offer aluminum and steel beams and tubes.

  • Low cost, quality 

  • Different sizes and lengths


In the construction industry, falls are the leading cause of death which reiterates the necessity of high-quality fall protection equipment on every construction site. We offer construction fencing solutions to build temporary safety railing on work sites. Our products are specially engineered to be erected conveniently while also acting as a strong and secure barrier.

Buy Scaffolding Equipment

Our scaffolding equipment is available to help you complete your project with ease.

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