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Offering Industry-standard Scaffolding Training Courses in Eastern Ontario

Managing and handling scaffolding requires proper training and expertise. At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we have trained employees to offer specialized scaffolding training courses in Eastern Ontario. We believe it is vital to strike the right balance between safety and on-site productivity. Our training courses are focused on helping your employees gain knowledge of industry standards and best practices. We have developed our training courses intending to help you enhance your scaffolding activities and achieve desired results on your site. For this, we have collaborated with companies in the region and are confident to help you with the proper training of your workers. Find out more about the training offered now!

Scaffolding Advice

You can also contact us for advice on your ongoing projects. We’d be happy to help you! Whether you need help with the design of the scaffolding or want to discuss the engineering of the equipment, we are there.

Advice Respected Across the Industry

Whether it is minor repair work, a commercial project or a multi-unit development project, we always work with the same level of commitment. Our skilled scaffolding experts at Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. will advise you and suggest reliable and safe methods suited to your project to help you complete it securely. As a reputable scaffolding company, Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. can cover all your needs throughout Eastern Ontario.

Our Training Courses

Whether it is a minor or major project, the team at Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. has the necessary skills and training to live up to your expectations. Our certified professionals offer turnkey services that begin at the project site and continue till the time we leave you completely satisfied with our work.

As the only scaffolding company in the area offering counter service, we ensure to give you a personalized experience. In addition to free site visits, we also offer installation assistance and inspection service while maintaining our high quality standards.

Training for Workers?

We have several scaffolding training courses to help your workers learn the best practices.

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