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Proficient Technicians for Scaffolding Design and Engineering in Eastern Ontario

If you need help with scaffolding design and engineering for your new construction or maintenance project, contact Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. Our Ottawa-based company has an experienced engineering team to guide you through your process. Dedicated to design and engineering, our team understands the importance of compliance with various codes and regulations. Our solutions are safe and well-researched. When you work with us, you can be assured of high-quality smart designs.

Scaffolding for Civil Engineering

Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. offers high-end scaffolding services for civil engineering projects, including new builds, repairs and maintenance. We believe that repairs and maintenance play an important role in keeping infrastructures intact. With the help of our scaffolding services, civil engineers can ensure quality work without compromising anyone’s safety on the site. From refurbishing or building motorway structures and railway bridges to sewage works and wind farms, we have the right scaffolding solutions for you.

Types of Scaffolding for Civil Engineering

Our comprehensive range of scaffolding services can effectively meet a range of civil engineering requirements.

Stairs and scaffold towers

These towers allow direct access to various platforms and eliminate the risk of injury or fatal falls.

Specialist scaffold works

We can do everything from preliminary surveys and design phases to complete inspections as a part of our specialist services.

Birdcage scaffolding

It is an independent scaffold with more than two rows of standards in both directions, which allows workers to perform tasks while a building is being constructed.

We Are There with You!

You can count on us for the complete process. Our team will be with you at every stage, guiding you, providing solutions and answering all the technical questions. At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we believe in renewing our processes and are always looking for the latest changes and new regulations.

Got a New Project?

We offer smart scaffolding designs and engineering solutions.

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