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Comprehensive Range of Scaffolding Services in Eastern Ontario

Do you need a team for proper scaffolding on your new construction site? Or want help with the design and engineering of the scaffolding? Or perhaps, you are looking for experienced professionals to help you with installation? Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. can help you with all of it.

We are one of the major scaffolding providers in Eastern Ontario. We design, engineer, install and dismantle scaffolding. All our equipment is made from high-quality materials to provide excellent support for your work structure. Equipped to offer scaffolding services for virtually every structure, we are your trusted source in Eastern Ontario for quality scaffolding.

Our Services

Good scaffolding is essential to ensure safety on the site. Whether you plan a maintenance service or construct a new building, scaffolding is necessary. Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. is a retailer of supported scaffolding, ladders, safety equipment, netting, pump jacks and more. We also offer rentals for short-term and long-term projects. We are here for:

If you want any assistance with scaffolding, call us.

Quality Scaffolding Installations

We have a dedicated team with expertise in quality scaffolding installations.

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