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Trained Team for Safe Scaffolding Installation in Eastern Ontario


Whether it is a small project or a big one, Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. team will help you with complete scaffolding installation on your site. We have an experienced team that is trained in installing as well as dismantling the scaffolding. With smart engineering services and unparalleled support, we are one of the preferred choices in Eastern Ontario for high-quality scaffolding solutions.


Professionally installed scaffolding guarantees safety and convenience. If you are looking for a reliable scaffolding contractor for your new project, call us today!


Installation and Dismantling Services


At Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc., we have a trained and certified installation team to install and dismantle your scaffolding. We take on each project with the same dedication to safety. All our professionals are equipped with protective fall-arrest equipment and given rigorous safety training. Over the years, our team has encountered numerous challenges and acquired comprehensive knowledge, which enables us to complete your project safely and on time without unnecessary hassle or delay.


It is a temporary structure used to support work crews and materials. As a versatile, economical, and easy-to-use structure, a frame is the most common type of supported scaffold.


This type of scaffolding is ideal for supporting heavy loads. We manufacture heavy-duty steel and aluminum shoring frames and components to create substructures for suspended concrete slabs. Our shoring systems are renowned for high stability and quality.


Our high tensile ring lock system is custom built and engineered to exceed industry standards, providing complete flexibility for a wide range of projects. Even with an emphasis on safety, infrastructure specifications are never compromised.


When it comes to conveniently access hard-to-reach locations of a construction site, swing stage scaffolding is a popular option. If you want to get a swing stage scaffolding installed, the quality of equipment and installation is essential to ensure safety and efficiency. We offer installation services using equipment of higher quality for the safety of all the technicians and bystanders involved in it.


Garbage chutes or debris chutes can help you clean large amounts of debris from your construction site. Debris chutes are often regarded as the quickest, safest, and most efficient method of trash removal. We offer installation services for garbage chutes for your work site.


There are many permanent fencing options for safety and security available out there, but the flexibility that temporary fencing provides is ideal for establishing area protection for a short time. They are also referred to as portable fencing or mobile fencing. While it offers the benefit of moving, again and again, it remains intact and can last for many years. You can rely on us to install construction fencing on your site.

The Scaffold-Fast (Ottawa) Inc. Edge

Our scaffolding is made from superior quality material and is designed to provide more versatility than standard frames. We will be with you from the initial scaffolding design to its final disassembly! We have the necessary certifications and training to provide you with a turnkey service. Performing our services with utmost safety, we ensure that scaffolding is no more a worry!

Scaffolding Installation and Dismantling

We visit your site, help you install the scaffolding and dismantle it when the project is done.

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